The New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program: How It Works (FAQs)

How It Works (FAQs)

What does a vegan mentor do?

Our trained mentors know that every mentee is different. Your mentor will customize their approach to your needs and goals, whether you’re looking for eating or living tips or just someone to help motivate and counsel you. You and your mentor will work together to develop the steps for you to be successful. Your mentor can check in weekly (or more or less often, depending on your needs) to answer your questions, address any concerns and provide specific resources.

Who are the mentors?

New Leaf mentors around the world don’t all share the same background, but they have this in common: they’re vegans who are non-judgmental, respectful, kind, responsible and resourceful — and they’re dedicated to educating and empowering mentees. They’ve all been screened through our application process and have completed a comprehensive training to prepare them for their role. No matter which mentor you choose, they’ll meet you wherever you are on your path toward vegan living, and help you reach your goal.

How are matches made (in other words, how do I Meet My Match!)?

Mentors and mentees create their own personal profiles, and our matching software produces a list of mentors whose profiles most closely match the mentee. As a future mentee, you then choose the mentor you want to work with and send them a mentoring request through the same platform.

How can I get a mentor?

It’s easy! Complete and submit a brief application, create your profile, and pick your mentor.

What does it cost to participate?

The New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program is free for all mentees and mentors! We’re a nonprofit, and donations help us help people like you.

How long will my mentor work with me?

That’s up to the two of you. There is no time limit. Some mentors and mentees work together for the suggested initial period of three months, while others share ideas and inspiration for longer. Of course, you can always match up with another mentor at any time if your match isn’t working or your mentor becomes unavailable.

How will I communicate with my match? Will we need to travel or meet in person?

You can connect directly through our software on your desktop, tablet or mobile; or, you can choose to talk on the phone, video chat, email, or text. If you want to meet in person, go for it!

Can I be matched with a mentor who lives near me?

We’ll try our best! The New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program is global, and there just might be a vegan mentor match who lives near you. However, do not be discouraged if available mentors do not live near you. Mentors can help you wherever you live and we have many successful matches that live in different countries.

Can I change mentors?

Of course. This program is designed to help you, and we always want the best match! We’ll check in periodically with you to ensure your satisfaction, and you can always return to our matching software to select a new mentor.

Do I have to be vegan or vegetarian to join?

Absolutely not. No matter your diet or lifestyle, you are welcome, and we will work to provide the support and resources you need on your path toward vegan living.

What if I’m already vegan?

Vegans need help sometimes, too! We’re here to support you, and we’d be glad to match you with a mentor who can help you meet your needs and goals.