The New Leaf Mentor Training will fully orient you to the vegan mentor role, provide you with critical information about our program and policies, equip you appropriate boundaries positive communication strategies and resources, give you a chance to practice positive mentoring skills, and get you prepared to work effectively with our participants!

You are free to do the assignments from the comfort of home or wherever is most convenient. Please plan to have the training completed within two weeks as we have many mentees applying every day and would love for you to begin mentoring soon!

If you have questions, wish to discuss any of the materials or instructions, please contact Elana Kirshenbaum at (845) 336-8447 ext. 205 or newleaf@casanctuary.org.

Please know that you will need to keep track of the assignments you have completed and once an assignment has been submitted, you will not be able to go back to it. We review training materials regularly and will be in touch once you’ve completed the training.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor with Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Enjoy!

1. Vegan Mentor Handbook (60 minutes)
Read through the handbook thoroughly which has critical information about the role of the mentor, policy guidelines, the mentoring connection, and more.

Vegan Mentor Handbook

2. Role of a Mentor (20 minutes)

Role of a Mentor

3. Boundaries (5-10 minutes)

Read through handout.


4. Boundaries Scenarios Activity (20 minutes)

Boundaries Scenarios

5. Positive and Effective Communication Reading Materials (30-60 minutes)

Read through the following four handouts.

1) Compassionate and Effective Communication- Do's and Don't's

2) Practices for Cultivating Compassionate Communication Skills

3) The Power of Questions

4) 9 Things to Remember When Having Spontaneous Conversations About Ethical Issues

6. Communication Scenarios Activity (30-60 minutes)

Communications Scenarios

7. Mentor Program Resource Guides (30-60 minutes)

Review and orient yourself to these two comprehensive guides in preparation for the next activity. The guides have similar resources. However, they are organized in different ways for convenience and to appeal to different preferences.

Resource Guide I: By Topic

Resource Guide II: By Resource Type

8. Mentee Profiles (30-60 minutes)

Mentee Profiles

9. Training Evaluation (5 minutes)

Training Evaluation