Eating foods from plants, and not from animals, is an essential step in becoming vegan — and you won’t have to give up your go-tos, whether you love traditional American, Italian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mexican or Indian.

With new vegan products added to the shelves every day, vegan restaurants popping up across the world, animal-free menu items growing ever more popular and non-vegan companies developing vegan product lines, you can now go vegan, have your (cheese, burgers and) cake, and eat it too!

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Join the New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program to connect with a specially trained vegan mentor who can help you ‘veganize’ and prepare your favorite meals, plan for the holidays, locate the best animal-free products and vegan restaurants, and offer ongoing support.

For seasonal dishes from our team of professional chefs at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, consider our custom-crafted vegan recipes.

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